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eMaintenance+: the new, agile approach to maintenance management software

Simplicity can scale

eMaintenance+ is the first maintenance management software to combine simplicity for the people who have to use it, with an effortless ability to scale globally.

That’s because it’s the first to bring iterative, agile development methods and cloud computing to one of the most cumbersome software sectors – maintenance and facilities management.

And you can implement the entire system in as little as two weeks.

Manage maintenance your way, not ours

eMaintenance+ is built around adaptability. Central to the software is our ‘Rules Engine’, that allows easy configuration to match your organisation’s procedures, and flexibility whenever anything does need to change.

For any task that’s logged, the Rules Engine automatically dispatches the most appropriate service engineer for the job.

From local to global, seamlessly

eMaintenance+ eliminates the need for help desks and minimises the time and cost to repair, to get your assets up and running as quickly as possible.

But it also gives you the big picture, silently collating performance data from the whole of your estate. So you can compare individual contractors, assets, equipment, service providers – even your own service managers – to justify business decisions.

And you can benchmark your performance against other users of the system.

Already in use in 30,000 premises, across 27 countries

eMaintenance+ can operate on as large or as small a scale as necessary. Its use is growing fast. Some use it as a global resource, to allow efficiency improvements across multiple territories, languages, currencies and brands.

But it’s just as cost-effective when used to improve the maintenance performance of, say, a small chain of care homes.

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