Urgent Technology


eMaintenance+ is an online facilities maintenance platform, used by a number of major international retail chains as well as those in other industries.

Organizations use eMaintenance+ to manage and measure:

  • Reactive maintenance
  • Supplier performance
  • Equipment downtime
  • Planned maintenance schedules
  • Asset inventories
  • Health and safety incidents
  • Asset- and maintenance-related document storage

eMaintenance+ is a proven platform for retailers. It drives efficiencies and continuous improvement in fixed asset reliability, supply chain procurement and organizational cost reduction.

Flexible and scalable
Suitable for all sizes of organization, from a single facility to a global multi-site operation, through one multi-language system.

Real-time insight
A single view of your entire maintenance and asset management operation through one login. Management information can be viewed, extracted and managed in real time by location, asset, supplier or activity.

Comparable data
Discrepancies in data from location to location or country to country are removed. Powerful pre-configured management reports support process standardization across your business, driving more accurate budgeting and planning decisions.

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