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Ensuring the future of maintenance at The Wills Group

January 25, 2016 ❘ Case studies

The Wills Group Inc. distributes and markets petroleum products in the USA Mid-Atlantic region in 285 locations. It also operates a chain of convenience stores under the Dash In brand.

Wills Group and Dash In logos

What was The Wills Group looking for?

Previously, the Wills Group handled all maintenance activities for its stores and petrol stations manually, via email and telephone. As the organization grew, this method became increasingly inefficient and resource-heavy. The organization needed a solution to automate its maintenance processes, improve its contractor performance, and enable its maintenance and compliance team to focus on compliance issues rather than day-to-day maintenance request handling.

How did we help?

The Wills Group uses Urgent Technology’s eMaintenance to automate both preventative and reactive maintenance management activities. The software provides complete visibility of the process to all stakeholders, enabling site managers, area managers and facility managers to be able to see the real-time status of any particular maintenance request. The system automates over 80% of maintenance requests, resulting in significant savings in management time and allowing the maintenance and compliance team to focus on their real business challenges.

Dash In petrol station and shop

Having successfully automated its maintenance activities, the next step for The Wills Group is to understand how to optimize the performance of its assets in order to minimize downtime and increase its revenue. Working with Urgent Technology, The Wills Group will track the performance of its assets across its 245 managed sites, using real-time data to support asset-related business decisions.


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