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eMaintenance+. The agile approach to maintenance management software

From local to global, seamlessly

Older maintenance management systems are often inflexible, complex and cumbersome – because they’re built that way.

eMaintenance+ is different. Hosted entirely in the Cloud, it’s the first software to bring fast-paced, agile development methods to this sector.

Our approach to developing maintenance management software gives us the power to combine a simple user interface with the ability to scale the system globally.

What’s more, we can implement the software in as little as two weeks.

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Manage things your way, not ours

We believe that maintenance management software should work with your organization’s processes, not against them. But we understand that sometime processes need to change. That’s why flexibility and easy configuration are at the center of eMaintenance+.

As each maintenance task is logged, the software dispatches the most appropriate service engineer for the job in the shortest possible time – automatically.

Whether you’re a manager, contractor, or front-line user, you will always have complete visibility of how maintenance jobs are progressing.

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Keeps your business running, and growing

eMaintenance+ reduces the need for help desks and minimizes the time to repair, getting your assets up and running faster.

But it also monitors the bigger picture, silently collating performance data from your whole maintenance operation.

Compare contractors, equipment, service providers – to make informed business decisions.

Not only can the software scale as your business grows, it can help facilitate that growth too.

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Already in use in 30,000 premises, across 27 countries

Our install base is diverse and growing fast. Some use eMaintenance+ as a global resource, to improve efficiency across multiple countries, currencies, and brands.

But it’s as equally cost-effective when used to improve the maintenance performance of a chain of care homes.

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