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The new, agile approach to maintenance management

The key purpose of eMaintenance+ is to shape the behavior of its users, so that maintenance and repair tasks are carried out in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible.

In the vast majority of cases, any issue that is logged will be dealt with automatically by the software.

eMaintenance+ selects and notifies the most appropriate contractor for the task.

The person who raised the job will be able to monitor how it’s proceeding. There’s no need for a help desk: transparency is total.

And management gets collated data from across the entire organization. So they can identify hidden costs in the supply chain and take urgent action to address them.

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Handle maintenance your way

eMaintenance+ lets you determine how maintenance is handled – whether that’s reactive, or planned preventative maintenance.

During implementation, we help create work flows that match your processes exactly.

With its simple drag and drop functionality, the software is instantly understandable – and can be reconfigured in minutes, should your needs change.

Global scale, with a local touch

Just because it’s easily configured and easy to use, you may imagine that eMaintenance+ is less suitable for global organizations than some of the more traditional software choices.

In fact, the opposite is true. Ease of configuration makes it simple to scale the software, across multiple countries, languages and currencies. eMaintenance+ already manages maintenance for some 30,000 premises in 27 counties.

Data is silently collected in the background and can be sliced and diced however you want it, to identify particular problems or find areas where savings can be made.

Even if an organization has multiple brands, eMaintenance+ can provide meaningful comparisons between them. Processes are standardized on a single platform, driving more accurate budget and planning decisions.

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Could your maintenance management software have spotted this?

Our customer couldn’t work out why, in only one country, the coffee machines often failed. In the rest of the world, they were doing just fine. It took our software to show that the milk pumps were being fitted beneath the coffee machine in that country, while everywhere else, they sat alongside. A tiny detail perhaps – but enough to cost thousands of dollars in burnt out pumps and extra maintenance.

Read the full case study, here.

Contractor management and
the mobile app

eMaintenance+ drives continual improvements in contractor performance, through SLA monitoring, works verification, and contractor rating.

Contractors also benefit from the easy-to-use eMaintenance+ Mobile app, which allows them to access job lists in real-time, easily locate and identify assets, and respond to new jobs on the move. The app speeds up task management, showing when tasks are updated and by whom.

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Massive cost savings

Thanks to our experience in strategic consultancy and project management, eMaintenance+ is quick to implement – typically 5 weeks from start to finish. Your return on investment comes quickly.

eMaintenance+ is a true SaaS application, with no hardware requirements and all users benefiting from regular updates.

It also provides opportunities for benchmarking: the software gives you the data you need to identify areas for cost savings.

Indeed, one of our largest clients believes our software was responsible for savings in excess of $2 million in a single year.

Gas station pump

“eMaintenance was instrumental in delivering significant operational maintenance savings, and is expected to drive the continuous improvements, process standardization and efficiencies that BP demands.”

Operations Support Manager, BP Global Alliance

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