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Frequently Asked Questions

July 4, 2016 ❘ FAQ

What is eMaintenance+?

eMaintenance+ is an online facilities maintenance platform. Organisations use eMaintenance+ to manage and measure reactive maintenance, supplier performance, equipment downtime, planned maintenance schedules and asset inventories.

Who uses eMaintenance+?

eMaintenance+ is used by organisations of all sizes. Our customers range from national retailers with 200 locations to one of the world’s largest companies with operations in 15 countries.

How do I use eMaintenance+?

eMaintenance+ is accessed through any modern web-browser, and is fully mobile enabled. You do not need any special hardware to use eMaintenance+.

How is eMaintenance+ different to other CAFM products?

eMaintenance+ is highly configurable.

Users have the ability to make the software fit their business, not the other way round. A process design tool lets users define workflow to ensure the most efficient practice. The software shapes user behaviour and drives the way maintenance tasks are handled, eliminating hidden costs in the FM supply chain.

Our software is also highly scalable. Large organisations require only a single instance of software to support thousands of locations across multiple countries or different brands. eMaintenance+ adapts as your business grows organically or through acquisition.

How will eMaintenance+ help me control my business more effectively?

eMaintenance+ gives you a single view of your entire maintenance operation and asset portfolio. Management information can be viewed, extracted and managed in real time. Pre-configured management reports support process standardisation across your business, driving more accurate budgeting and planning decisions.

How will it help me reduce my costs?

eMaintenance+ will help you reduce your maintenance and repair costs by achieving efficiencies in fixed asset reliability, supply chain procurement and organisational cost reduction.

When can I expect an ROI from eMaintenance+?

The majority of our customers report an ROI from eMaintenance+ within the first six to twelve months of use.

Does it interface with our suppliers’ systems?

We offer a Supplier Application Interface which enables your suppliers to connect their task management system to eMaintenance+. This interface creates a two-way flow of data, eliminates double data entry, improves processes and reduces costs.

Does eMaintenance+ interface with our enterprise systems?

eMaintenance+ can interface with all major ERP systems, and we will work with you to achieve your objectives.

Do we have to change the way we work to use eM+?

No. eMaintenance+ is a flexible, highly configurable system which allows you to design your own workflows to suit your business.

eMaintenance+ is a powerful tool, with an intuitive user interface. We are always on hand to meet your training requirements.

Do I need any special hardware to use eM+?

No, eMaintenance+ is cloud-based, therefore your employees only need access to the internet to use it.

What are the system requirements?

There are no system requirements other than a modern web-browser and an internet connection.

What customer support do you offer?

We offer customer support 24/7.

How do I get my data into your system?

We’ll work closely with you to determine the most effective way to transfer your data into eMaintenance+.

What if I want to change managed service provider?

Nothing changes. You keep your system and your data. Switching managed service provider is straightforward.

Can my service contractors use eMaintenance+? How?

Yes, we have over 40,000 contractors registered on eMaintenance+. They are able to update the progress of work requests whilst on the move. Contractors can submit invoices online for approval in eMaintenance+.

Who do I contact to find out more?

Email us at info@urgtech.com and we’ll be in touch very soon. See the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website for local telephone numbers.