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Internal Asset Management discovers underlying issues

May 4, 2017 ❘ Media coverage


After introducing a new bean-to-cup coffee machine to their stores in Europe, a global retailer discovered there was a single country with a far higher number of maintenance interventions per machine than any other.

The frequency of breakdown was costing the retailer customers. The retailer was facing the decision to replace the coffee machines with another model – a huge capital expense.


The retailer utilized their computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to extract data on a like-for-like basis across all countries. The repair matrix within the CMMS had been set up by group, asset, sub-component and fault type during the software implementation.

Issues and engineers’ feedback were reported in a common format. Each subcomponent failure was benchmarked internally. Fault patterns appeared very similar from country to country. Grinders, frothers, cup warmers and milk chillers all had the same fault profile.


After analyzing the data from the CMMS, it was diagnosed that “no milk dispensed” was the most common problem for the country that was suffering the worst performance. This action called for a pump replacement, an uncommon van stock item, meaning the coffee machine was out of action for at least 24 hours.

In addition, the CMMS data also linked the machines with a high rate of maintenance issues to stores with a smaller footprint than the retailer’s average store size.

The retailer’s network in this country was made up stores that had either been acquired or had been subject to various building modifications. The coffee machine was designed and manufactured to have the milk located adjacent to the actual main coffee machine – milk was pumped in a transverse fashion from the chillers to the coffee unit.

However, to accommodate the space, the store layout team had installed the milk unit on a shelf underneath the coffee machine rather than adjacent to it.


Due to the availability of this data, the retailer was able to make an informed decision about the best possible remedy for their coffee machines. The solution included installing a more powerful milk pump and relocating the milk unit according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The CMMS data saved the retailer from a costly manufacturer switch and enabled the retailer to generate profit by getting the coffee machines quickly back on track.

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