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Reducing the risks

October 11, 2017 ❘ Media coverage

Running a forecourt is becoming ever more complex, but there are many services and companies that can help. John Wood reports.

There are two main drivers for maintenance on a forecourt. One is reactive, where something technical breaks down, such as a pump or a car wash, and calling out someone to fix it is the natural solution.

But the other type of maintenance, preventative, is if anything more important, and can often lead to a lower-cost service or repair before it becomes a bigger problem. And preventative maintenance is not just good for business and avoiding costly downtime, it is also a vital protection for businesses in increasingly litigious times…

Read the rest of the article, in which our Operations Director Paul Djuric is interviewed, in the October 2017 edition of Forecourt Trader.

For the full edition of the magazine, click on the image below.

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